Homeowners Association
Clearwood Landing Homeowners Association is a single family community located in south Houston, near I-45 and Clearwood
Drive.  The community, comprised of 101 homes, is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are members of the
community. DTA Community Management, Inc., has been hired by the Board to assist with deed restriction enforcement and
maintenance fee collection.

Prohibited Yard Parking Public Notice

For all matters not pertaining to deed restriction enforcement or maintenance fee billing and collection, please contact the Board
of Directors through the email link below.


Board of Directors meetings are held at 6:30pm on the second Thursday of each month at 9ers grill located at 9865 Blackhawk
Blvd. Houston, TX 77075.  Meeting location can change at any time.  All homeowners will be notified accordingly if the time and
location are changed.  The members annual board meeting is held at El Franco Lee Community Center at 9400 Hall Rd.,
Houston, TX 77089.  An e-mail notification will be sent to all homeowners who have provided an e-mail address (at least 72
hours prior to the start of the meeting).  It is an owner's duty to provide and update an e-mail address with the association and or
its management company.
Management Company
DTA Community Management Services, Inc.
206A S. Loop 336, #270
Conroe, Texas  77304-3200
(800) 587-2904 toll free
(713)533-0001 main

Office Address:
33300 Egypt Lane, Suite C800
Magnolia, Texas  77354
(832) 364-6880 phone
(832) 364-6881 fax
Management Team
Stephanie D. Dunklee, Manager

Patricia Teague, Assistant

Aniette Robles, Bilingual Services

Clearwood Landing Directors
Payment Remittance Address
Clearwood Landing
P.O. Box 105007
Atlanta, Georgia 30348-5007

DTA is a member of the Houston
Better Business Bureau.  Obtain a
company report.
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