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Stephanie D, Dunklee
Clearwood Landing Homeowners Association

Clearwood Landing Homeowners Association is a singly family community located in south Houston, near I-45 and
Clearwood Drive.  The community is comprised of 101 homes.

The community is governed by a Board of Directors who are also homeowners in the community.  The board holds
regular meetings to discuss business and make decisions for the association.  DTA Management Services only
provides deed restriction enforcement and maintenance fee billing and collection services for the community.  If you
have any questions that are not related to deed restrictions or your maintenance fee, please contact your Board of
Directors.  The maintenance fee for 2011 is $395.00.   
Please note that your statements for 2011 have changed.  The
address to mail your payment is the bank lockbox in Atlanta, GA.  Please use the coupon on your statement and the
enclosed envelope to expedite processing of your payment.

The community sends one courtesy letter for deed restriction violations.  Homeowners are given ten days to correct the
violation before a fine is assessed.  If you would like to discuss having a fine waived, or if you need an extension to
comply, please send us the request(s) in writing.  Requests are submitted to the Board of Directors for consideration.  
Verbal requests will not be considered.
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Mail maintenance fee payments to:
Clearwood Landing
P.O. Box 105007
Atlanta, GA 30348-5007