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Community Management Services, Inc.
Property Services
Corporate Management
Financial Services
DTA Community Management Services offers a full range of services to property owners associations.  Our standard
services are listed below; however, we often create custom programs and services to meet our communities needs.  
Limited services contracts such as deed restriction enforcement or financial services are also available.  Please inquire if
you want a custom service contract.

  • Customer service, interface with all homeowners and vendors, bilingual services
  • Extended customer service hours including evenings and Saturdays, online support
  • Financial services utilizing cash, accrual or modified accrual basis
  • Accounts receivable, accounts payable, complete financial reports
  • Special banking relationships, no bank fees, free online payment services
  • Maintenance fee billing and collections, lien filing, court representation
  • Legal interface for corporate, collections, and deed restriction enforcement issues
  • Property management including inspection of common areas for needed maintenance
  • Developing specifications, obtaining proposals for needed services and contracts
  • Contract management, overseeing and guiding association contractors, evaluating performance
  • Deed restriction enforcement services, inspections conducted monthly, weekly or bi-weekly
  • Architectural control support, review of plans, collection of fees and deposits, monitor progress
  • Preparation of monthly board packet for directors meeting, management report of all activity
  • Attendance at directors meetings, take minutes of meeting, prepare handouts for attendees
  • All association information accessible at meetings through our VPN, all equipment provided
  • Annual and special meeting notices, proxy collection and administration
  • Attendance at annual and special meetings, conduct sign in, prepare directors/officers reports
  • Corporate management, record keeping, develops and implements community business plan
  • Long range planning, obtaining reserve studies, plan for future needs
  • Arrange audits and tax returns, federal, franchise, and file for franchise tax exemptions
  • Payroll, preparation of W-2;s, 1099's, and employer tax payments and reports
  • Distribute cards, keys, remotes, welcome packets and other homeowner tools
  • Gate and electronic access device management and programming
  • Provide maintenance fee quotes, perform ownership transfers, prepare resale certificates
  • Insurance negotiations and claims management, insurance monitoring for individual homes
  • Industry specific software used, custom web based proprietary data management software
  • Public web site provided, private web site available with homeowner and directors areas
  • On call emergency services provided 24 hours a day
Developer Services
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