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DTA has an innovative structure that allows the managers to use a hands on approach in managing the communities in their
portfolios.  You may be wondering what a "hands on approach to management" entails and how will that benefit your

In a traditional “team” environment, for each portfolio of properties there is a manager, an assistant, an accountant, and
possibly a deed restriction inspector.  A manager’s portfolio must financially carry the support personnel, which means that
the manager’s portfolio is usually high in the number of communities he or she must manage to be profitable.  To allow the
manager to provide service to many communities, most of the daily work is delegated to the support staff.

This system is designed to provide a community with more than one contact person for assistance, and also maximizes the
profits earned by the management company.  In theory, this system works well; however, there are weaknesses that are
created by this design that are often overlooked.  Most personnel under the management level do not receive professional
training.  They are not as qualified as a manager, therefore are paid less than the manager.  It is the less qualified and lower
paid personnel who are performing most of the daily work for the communities.  There is more turn over in lower paying
positions creating a lack of continuity in community service.  The managers tend to experience more “burn out” as they are
spending a large amount of their time after business hours attending board meetings, or picking up the slack when a team
position is empty.  Many managers have twelve or more monthly board meetings that commence at or after 6:00 p.m.  

DTA has designed its structure so that the managers’ work loads are evenly distributed between the high end administrative
and public relations portion of the position and the daily work that is performed.  We assign a small number of communities
to each manager, and allow the manager to perform the work related to those communities.  Not only does it prevent the
above problems, but it increases efficiency and performance.  The manager is better prepared to report to you and answer
your questions when he or she has handled the intricate details of your community’s daily management.  DTA’s managers
are provided with paid professional training, and continued education to ensure our communities receive the highest level of
service possible.
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